Obama First President To Play 100 Rounds Of Golf

The first homo President becomes the first to squeeze in 100 rounds of golf, raise the national debt higher, and lose more jobs than anyone that came before him.

I am so proud to have lived during these historic times.

(Waznmentobe) For a century it’s been the game of presidents, a sunny escape from the office for 15 of the 18 chief executives since the first Roosevelt. It’s also a game that appears elite to many people, enough so that golfing presidents play at their political peril.

Now comes Barack Obama. He tries to keep his golfing out of view, banning news cameras when he can. But his love of the game has taken him to the course nearly 100 times already in his presidency, and election rival Mitt Romney says that’s simply too much in a time of economic anxiety.

“As millions of Americans continue to struggle to find work, President Obama has now played a total of 1,710 holes since taking office,” Romney’s campaign said in a recent release. “A lot of Americans have had to make sacrifices these last four years. We would expect our president to do the same.”

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