Texas fisherman wins battle with enormous alligator gar

(Outdoor) Whether Brent Crawford has captured the world’s largest alligator gar will never be known — his scale bottomed out emphatically at 300 pounds and he filleted the prehistoric-looking fish after attempting to obtain its weight.

But this much is clear: The gar Crawford landed while bow-fishing recently in Texas’ Lake Corpus Christi is among the largest specimens ever captured — and it was captured in a manner like no other gar captured beforehand.

(The largest-known alligator gar caught while bow-fishing weighed 365 pounds. The largest caught on rod and reel weighed 279 pounds.)

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Brent Crawford Alligator Gar Texas Record

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4 Responses to Texas fisherman wins battle with enormous alligator gar

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  2. Buffoon says:

    That’s a big one!  We used to catch gar while cat fishing at the dam.  The meat is really boney so we just threw em back or left ‘em to die on shore.  Blood bait ain’t cheap!

    • conservativeBC says:

      There are not many Alligator Gar North of the Red River. Some people have caught them, but all I  have seen is the skinny nose type.

      The Indians around here snag them at the dams, and then boil the meat off the bone to make gar fish patties.

      They taste ok by I would rather have a cheese burger.

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