DNC Dumping “Stupid Bitch” Wasserman-Schultz

If she keeps skidding in popularity, Scooter is going to have to redo his chart. Already her downward trend has shot down past anal leakage and is nearing soccer in her overall likability.

WASHINGTON (Big Hairy News) – High ranking officials in the Democratic Party have confirmed rumors that DNC chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz is being dumped in favor of someone less-hated by the public.

“Look, the latest polls say Debbie is about as popular as that guy who ate the other guy’s face off – we got to lose this stupid bitch, and I mean quick,” said Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. (Retard-Ill)

Many Democrats suspect the GOP had something to do with Wasserman-Schultz being made head of the DNC, and have been quietly campaigning for her replacement… Read More

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