Ronald Reagan Explains ObamaCare

We are fortunate to have great American patriots like Michele Bachmann, Mark Levin and Rush Limbaugh fighting the cancer of socialism that is rotting our great county from within.

But even their clear coherent guidance falls short when compared with that of “The Great Communicator.”

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  1. Lisa Carrier says:

    Ronald Reagan is my favorite President EVER. He had morals, Christian values, as well as the ability to lead, to be open-minded, to listen. He had an enduring LOVE for OUR Nation. he still speaks to us from the grave. He had compassion. He was an honorable man. His policies brought about some of our Nations best accomplishments. He was a wise man, and I believe God blessed our Nation because of him seeking Gods guidance. He was not perfect, none of us are, but Ronals Reagan strove to be perfect, as God requires each of us to. Our Nation was so blessed during his administration. RIP Ronald Reagan, there will never be another worthy to carry your shoes.

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