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Floating Saucer – Inventor Tests New Circular Fishing Skiff for Stability (VIDEO)

(Fish & Game) When Jeff Lizzio enticed anglers with a introductory video of his saucer-shaped Ultraskiff 360 in June, he wasn’t expecting such a large response. After a torrent of emails and calls to his office, Lizzio told OutdoorHub that … Continue reading

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Outrageous: NFL Blurs Jesus Off RGIII T-Shirt During Press Conference

No, on a closer look, they made him turn it inside out… RGIII, before and during his press conference. Something changed! (via @JPFinlayCSN) — Dan Steinberg (@dcsportsbog) September 15, 2014 Liberal crap like this and this is why the … Continue reading

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Costas Cost Us – NFL ‘Sunday Night Football’ Ratings Continue Plunge

(Dead Line) The Chicago Bears may have beaten the San Francisco 49ers last night, but for Sunday Night Football (7.6/21) it was NBC that was tackled for a loss in preliminary numbers. Week 2 of the 2014 NFL season on … Continue reading

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After Being Reinstated by Vikings, Adrian Peterson Hit With ANOTHER Child Abuse Accusation!

The news just keeps getting worse for the NFL. After being indicted on child abuse and taken out of the lineup this weekend, Adrian Peterson was reinstated for this next… Read more: The Right Scoop

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Vikings reinstate Adrian Peterson – Video

Jay Glazer and Mike Hill discuss the Minnesota Vikings’ decision to reinstate Adrian Peterson.

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Mark Levin demands apology from UFC commentator Joe Rogan: “You’re a stupid person”

For once Mark Levin gets it wrong; well 1/3 wrong. Joe Rogan is definitely a dipshit, and getting more dippy by the day. And he is right that the way people feel about Jon Jones has nothing to do with … Continue reading

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Rush Limbaugh – Don’t Preach To Me About Guns, Gays, And Domestic Violence During An #NFL Game!

More from DailyRushbo RUSH: Obama Losing Support Of Women… THAT’S BIG! RUSH: Media Delivers ‘National Lecture On Domestic Violence’ Rush Limbaugh Explains The Origin Of The Name ‘Dingy Harry’  

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Arkansas State forced to remove Christian crosses from football helmets

(Fox News) Football players at Arkansas State University were ordered to either remove a Christian cross decal from their helmets or modify it into a mathematical sign after a Jonesboro attorney complained that the image violated the U.S. Constitution. The … Continue reading

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Prediction: Ray Rice Will Become A UFC Fighter

UFC’s Dana White is no idiot. He is smart enough to know that given Rice’s history the Pay Per View potential for watching a full grown man who beat up a women  get the crap beat out of him is enormous. … Continue reading

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Rush Limbaugh: There Is A Liberal Assault On Football

More from DailyRushbo: RUSH: Are We Gonna Have To Execute Ray Rice At Halftime At An NFL Game? RUSH: NAGs Demand Roger Goodell Resign RUSH: Cheney Exactly Right! Obama ‘Has Actually Done Things That Have Supported The Muslim Brotherhood’ AMAZING! … Continue reading

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