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Chris Matthews making crap up and pushing it off as news has inspired a new category here at im41 – Unconfirmed Headlines.

I will try to put up an equally ridiculous headline at least once a day…

Study: Gay Illegal Aliens Causing The Expansion Of Polar Ice-Caps

A Puerto Rican study headquartered in El Segundo showed that the influx of homosexual Mexican illegals is responsible for the unexpected expansion of the Antarctic ice caps. The usual warming effect of the darker skin Mexican illegals soaking up and … Continue reading

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Study – Obama Caused The Moore Oklahoma Tornados

Experts are saying that a lack of heat generating greenhouse gasses due to Obama’s job killing war on American industry, caused a climatic change that is directly responsible for the killer Oklahoma tornados. If you think that is stupid, just … Continue reading

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Report: Barney Frank’s Pet Gerbil Refusing To Eat Or Blink Eyes

Reasons unknown…

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