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Houses Built On Top Of Shopping Mall In China

This just sad. I Have Seen The Whole Of The Internet

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NYPD Probing Bacon Hate Crime — APB on the BLT!

That does it for me. I can put up with them lopping off Christian’s head, have sex with little girls, boys and dead people. I am willing to overlook their genital mutilations, their bestiality their bombing of innocent people, but … Continue reading

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Ray Stevens skewers Obama Again – Obama Nation

(WND) Music star Ray Stevens, whose “The Streak” decades ago set a standard for enlightening music fans about political and social trends in America, has launched a new video skewering Barack Obama’s executive orders. He “doesn’t seem to care about … Continue reading

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Paul Krugman Calls Newsweek’s Cover ‘Unethical’ – Tells Desperate Whopper To Prove It

Is this the best a highly paid New York Times Nobel prize winning columnist can do? I’m reporting from four-wheeler while checking a game camera deep in the mountains (from a cell phone) and can do a better job of … Continue reading

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11-year-old Downs Syndrome Christian girl beaten by Muslims – charged with blasphemy

These animals have got to be stopped. Thank God for bloggers like Geller who work so hard to expose what degenerates Muslims really are. (Atlas Shrugs) ISLAMABAD: An 11-eleven-year old Christian girl was accused of blasphemy and arrested for allegedly … Continue reading

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How actually find fish on that damn fish finder

Years ago I bought my first fish finder, and eagerly headed out to the lake to fish stare at my sonar. And for a period of time (years) I went from being a guy who could catch fish to a … Continue reading

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