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Ron Paul: If I was in charge the 3,000 people killed on 9/11 would still be alive

Thank God we were not dumb enough to nominate this dip! iOwnTheWorld.com – “Unhook the mic, grab him by the collar and his saggy ass and usher him to an ice floe!” Well Said!

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The Hope and the Change Documentary: 2008 Obama Voters Wanted to Unite the Country – Right!

On Tuesday evening at the Republican National Convention the documentary, Hope and Change, will preview… Read Story

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Obama Refused Cardinal’s Prayers at DNC but Lists Muslim Jumah Prayers as “official function”

I am so tired of crap like this. November can’t come fast enough! Pic Via Theodore’s World: Atlas Shrugs – Last week I posted about the Jumah jihad at the DNC, an event led by an imam who urged the … Continue reading

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Obama Email to Supporters: If I Lose, It’s Your Fault

I didn’t fail that! Did you here that liberals? He is going to blame his failures on YOU! I guess personal responsibility for anything is out of the question for this jackass. Drew – When I’m out there talking to … Continue reading

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New Jon McNaughton Painting – Wake Up America

Looks like Obama has already “put ya’ll in chains!” HT Big Fur Hat

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Maggie Of Maggie’s Notebook Nominated: Coolest SOB 2013 Contest

PoliticalClownParade I would like to nominate Maggie’s Notebook.  She’s cool in the coolest kind of way.  She works hard standing guard over liberty. 2013 Coolest SOB Contest This contest is going to be bigger than CPAC!  

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Cher: It Would Be Karma If Todd Akin Got Raped By A Man With AIDS…

Kama train 4 himRT@fuppapeh let Aiken get raped by man with HIV/AIDS.Nothing will happen, right?Body shuts down as defense mechanism Idiots — Cher(@cher) August 25, 2012 I didn’t realize that Cher was so attracted to Akin… HT Weasel Zippers

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“Christian America!” Wild Bill For America

Powerful evidence for the Christian foundation of the United States and a perfect refutation of the seaparation of church and state myth.

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BC’s Buzz Links

Missouri Breaks: The Akin Effect The NYPD Explains Why Their Bullets Wounded Nine People Yesterday (Connor Simpson/The Atlantic Wire) Congressmen to Obama: See you in court  FAIL: Obama Campaign Busted For Using Fake Republicans In New Ad  Allen West to … Continue reading

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Mike Huckabee rallies Southern Baptists for Todd Akin

Wait a second, I’m a Southern Baptist and I am not rallied. My only thing is, since he is staying it makes no sense to keep bashing him. What does this picture have to do with this story? POLITICO TAMPA,Fla. … Continue reading

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