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Screw Susan Rice – Obama Is On Film Telling The Same Lie!

Susan Rice, Susan Rice – Why are we even bringing up her name when they have Obama – ON FILM – TIME AFTER TIME – telling the Youtube video lie? Rice might have done the same thing, but who cares? … Continue reading

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Gutfeld: Obama Admin Suffering From ‘Wordaphobia’

The left is just going to have to do something with this guy. He is just way too sharp and hip, and subject to bring in the young vote – can’t have that. HT Breitbart

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Photographer Captures Two Brown Bears Trading Punches in Katmai National Park

Outdoor Life – Japanese photographer Shogo Asao, 60, came across these two brawling bears while exploring Alaska’s Katmai National Park. At first the bears just watched one another and roared challenges, Asao told the Daily Mail. Then they stood up … Continue reading

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Training Liberals To Shoot A Handgun

Dave Blount at Moonbattery has put up a video in an attempt to train the liberal trolls infesting his site how to shoot a handgun…

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Rush Destroys Republican Strategist Who Blames ‘Limbaugh’s Dream Journal’ For Election Loss

Wow! It doesn’t seem like Steve knows what the hell he is taking about. More From Daily Rushbo: Limbaugh: Republicans Don’t Want To Be Seen As Disagreeing With The Welfare State RUSH: Baracka Claus Sings “Obama Phones Ringing” – Song … Continue reading

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Rising Trout In The Smoky Mountains

Wild rainbow & brown trout rise in a clear Smoky Mountain stream…

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Congress To Investigate How “Talking Point” On Benghazi – Wategate Level Cover-Up

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Dick Morris TV – Stop UN Control of the Internet

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Love Bites

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