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BENGHAZIGATE: Clapper Tries To Take Fall For Obama By Conflicting Earlier Statements

HE LIED – Clapper told Senators Friday he didn’t know who made the edits, continuing the solid steam of lies coming from the Obama administration over this issue. Anyone with a pulse knows that Obama put this video disinformation out … Continue reading

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Cartoon Of The Week – Don’t Wear Fur — It Is Cruel

Cognitive Dissonance: The feeling of discomfort that results from holding two conflicting beliefs.

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Dick Morris Benghazigate- There Maybe Impeachable Offense Here!

Benghazi: Blow Up The Cover-up! Dick Morris

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Kayla’s deer!

Pretty cute video… Click here to watch her bust a big gobbler…

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Benghazigate: “The Jig Is Up” Fox News All Star Panel – Dog Whistle, Dog Whistle

According to Chrissy every word under the sun is a dog whistle except this innocent but very uncomfortable slip of the tongue. But I bet that he will keep this one on the down-low for fear that everyone will learn … Continue reading

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Let’s Sink the Blue States! – Wild Bill For America

Welfare scammers will wreck the liberal agenda, we just need to know how to send them fleeing to blue states!

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RUSH LIMBAUGH: Speaks On Extremely White Debbie Wasaman Schultz Moving Heaven And Earth To Defeat (Black) Allen West And Mia Love

You can’t get anymore white than this! RUSH: Now, all fine and good until you realize that this woman’s party moved heaven and earth to defeat African-American Mia Love, African-American Allen West, and replace them with white men. So the … Continue reading

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Judge Sentences Woman To Street Corner With Sign: ‘Only An Idiot Would Drive on the Sidewalk to Avoid a School Bus’

If stupidity is a prerequisite for driving on sidewalk to get around a school bus, Cleveland’s Miss Hardin is probably an Obama voter as well. news5net – Shena Hardin, 32, of Cleveland, forced to stand on the corner carrying a … Continue reading

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Bahaahaa – Hunters Blast Another Animal Rights Wackos’ Spy Drone Out Of The Sky

If you are feeling a little depressed about the election, this should perk you up. It did me. Every time the wackos send up a spy drone the hunters blast it to Smithereens – got to be more fun than … Continue reading

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“Total Failures” Sen McCain Nails Obama Over Benghazi & Cover-Up

McCain calling for an apology from Susan Rice for lying to the American people. I agree with Gretta, “Obama is the one who should apologize.” Who gives a flying rat’s butt about Rice?

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Chaffetz Discusses Relation of Petraeus Scandal to Benghazi Investigation

More lies from Obama. House.Gov – Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) appears on Hannity on Fox News discussed the September 11th attacks in Benghazi and the relation of the attacks to the scandal involving the head of the CIA David Petraeus. … Continue reading

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Alert! Allen West Concedes Florida Race! 11-20-12

I hate politics. Every time that there is a glimmer of hope that the right thing might be done, tyranny prevails. WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. – Tea party firebrand Allen West is finally giving up his fight to remain in … Continue reading

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The Farting Preacher

Oh lighten up. It is kooky fakes like this who promote this stereotype, hurting real preachers. Besides this is funny…

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