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I would rather chew through my own colon than chew on an organic graham…

Green is Obscene By: What is the Opposite of Green? This weekend I did an assessment of some products in my home and was distraught over my findings: It is very important to me that these matches comply with strict … Continue reading

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Obama Union Fail – Walmart Protests Pointless, Best Black Friday Sales Ever

(CBS News) LOS ANGELES – Walmart is the nation’s biggest retailer — and Black Friday is extremely important to the company’s bottom line. It is why workers at some Walmart stores chose Friday to protest for higher wages and better … Continue reading

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You Might Be A “Right Wing Extremist” – Take Wild Bill For America’s Quiz…

Take the Right Wing Extremist survey to see if you qualify.

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Is this picture proof that Bigfoot exists? Vermont man claims the mysterious monster is the ape-like creature…

The VDW is claiming that it is noting more than an Owl, but I have my own theory… Mail Online – A Vermont man is convinced that Bigfoot is roaming through his apple orchard at night…and he claims to have … Continue reading

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ESPN is Actually Promoting Something Called ‘Corso’s Cornhole Challenge’

This is the last straw. I will never watch these third-world commie-soccer promoting bunch of homos again. Jammie Wearing Fools – In case you’re not watching college football on ESPN or ABC, you may have missed this. Really, ESPN, cornhole? … Continue reading

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Benghazi cover-up is CRIMINAL NEGLIGENCE – Not To Mention, Spooky…

It is – it is a strange thing to watch. Obama is like the dude on the Left Behind movies. You either really, really see how corrupt he is, or you are in some strange trance. Why can’t more people … Continue reading

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Benghazi-Gate – ‘GO AFTER ME’ Obama Gets Wish, Challenged To Take Stand!

You never know, this might drag on long enough for conservatives to win a Senate majority in 2014.

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