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Babe Winkelman fishes Lake of the Woods

Good old Babe still getting after it after all these years…

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Women In Combat – Sorry Girls I Want My Boy Paying Attention – Not Looking At Your @ss

If your son is stuck in a foxhole with this, do you think he is standing good watch? The Mellow Jihad – There is a push afoot to grant women the unrestricted right to serve in combat positions. I can … Continue reading

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Cartoon: Obama’s War On Moms

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“Murder by President” Benghazi-Gate: Wild Bill For America

Who stopped the rescue of our personnel when Alqaeda attacked in Libya….only one possibility.

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Senator: Benghazi Will Be ‘BIGGEST COVER-UP IN HISTORY!!!’

Watch the latest video at video.foxnews.com Sen. James Inhofe (R., Okla.) “This is going to go down as the biggest cover-up in history, They all knew it, they were all hoping it’d go away.”

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Wake Up GOP: It Is An Obama Con – Rice Was Never Going To Be Secretary Of State

Obama is not about to put Susan Rice through a confirmation hearing where she will have to give testimony under oath. Because they both lied, and it is Obvious. He just threw that out there so that the GOP would … Continue reading

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Ebay Jerks Glenn Beck’s Piss Obama

(The Blaze) – The popular online auction site eBay has yanked a piece of artwork done by Glenn Beck citing its belief that the project featured an Obama figurine floating in actual urine (it was not, however). Bids can now … Continue reading

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RUSH: For GOP To Get Single Women Vote Conservative, Men Have To Marry Them So They Don’t Rely On Government

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WH: Obama ‘Is Not Particularly Concerned’ Whether Susan Rice Misled the American People

Of course he is not concerned because he already knows. He lied to the American people to ensure that he would win reelection, and the liberal media has been covering for him. The Weekly Standard – In response to a … Continue reading

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Rush Limbaugh – What The Fiscal Cliff Is All About

Fiscal Cliff, Fiscal Cliff – Now you know what it really is.

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We Are Already Over The Cliff

Contrary to news reports, we are not approaching the fiscal cliff. It is behind us now, because we dove off of it by reelecting the irresponsible and/or malicious punk who is spending the nation into oblivion. We just haven’t hit … Continue reading

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Muslim Women Eating Spaghetti

Be scared Muslim men – If they really want a large white noodle their mouth a bag over their head is not going to stop them… HT Susan Miller

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Achmed’s Daily Bombs – Nov. 28, 2012

Achmed’s take on the day’s hot topics!… Jessica Simpson, Chris Brown, Rihanna, and more!

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(Singing Obama) Happy Winter’s Solstice

It is time yet again to start our traditional Christmas videos… Some of my favorite comments… that was fucking pitiful Boo! That’s lousy! You can do better. Btw…..that was just awful!!……LOL MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

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Did You Know That Christmas Dinner Is RAAAACIST?!!!!!!

This pretty much takes piss ignorance to new heights! Daily Gator – Here comes the most inane charge of racism yet. Those who prefer white meat in turkey, or chicken are RAAAAACISTS! Read Story Update: Racist hound dogs!!

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