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Michelle Malkin Rips Into Ed Asner & The Moonbat Brainwashing Cartoon For Children

It is just sad that the moonbats in California are breathing up everyone’s  good air.

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“Costic Logic” – Best Bob Costas Gun Control Cartoon Yet

Note: You may reprint this cartoon provided you link back to this source. To see more CDN Branco cartoons, click here.    Branco’s page is Cartoonist A.F.Branco HT CDN

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Update: I GOT THIS ONE ALL WRONG! The NFL is not guilty of racism, the are guilty of religious persecution. After RG3 turn out to be just as a respectable a kid as Tebow the NFL turned on him in … Continue reading

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Video of Benghazi attack: “It was very difficult to watch’

Congressman Rooney discusses the attacks on the American consulate in Libya that resulted in the deaths of four Americans. Rooney calls on the Obama Administration to work with Congress, determine why the security concerns were ignored, and improve security to … Continue reading

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A Liberal Winter Wonderland

Most liberals think that Obama wouldn’t sink… Via The Looking Spoon

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FIRE Speaker Boehner: “Only Takes 16 Members”

Who wouldn’t  love to see this RINO booted as House speaker? He has done nothing but fight the Teaparty ( the people who put him in power) since he was moved into that position. But even as great as removing … Continue reading

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Romney defeated Obama – if not for voter fraud

VIA Theo Spark

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RUSH LIMBAUGH: GOP Leadership Gave Us A Seminar On How To Surrender

More From Daily Rushbo: Holiday Shoppers Hijack #StopRush Database To Support Limbaugh Sponsors

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Detroit: Obama Voters Demand That The Conservative Red States Bail Them Out

I say red states because these are the only states that are running a surplus. Do you think they were going to get the money from California? (liberal,marxist,democrate,moonbat) = failure FOX 2 News Staff reports the following: DETROIT (WJBK) — … Continue reading

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Typhoon Bopha hits Philippines killing more than 230 people

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Pic Dump

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You Can Have Your Gingerbread and EAT IT Too

Michelle Obama has officially unveiled the 2012 Christmas decorations at the Whitehouse, including 54 different designer-decorated trees and a 300-pound gingerbread replica of the Whitehouse to commemorate this year’s holiday theme of “austerity.” No, just kidding! It’s the same wretched … Continue reading

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Bob Costas: I Made A Mistake – Rush Limbaugh: Don’t Blame Costas, Blame The Microphone

Rush nails this one: (jacksonsun.com) – NBC Sports anchor Bob Costas says it was a “mistake” to mention gun control on air Sunday in discussing the murder-suicide committed by Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher because his choice of words … Continue reading

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Cartoon: Bob Costas

Via Theo Spark

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Dem Senators to Strip Gun Rights from Military Vets

Breitbart Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK) hopes to stop a major defense spending bill in its tracks now that Democrats have added an amendment that allows them to take away the guns of certain military veterans. The amendment contains language that … Continue reading

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