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Psy’s Anti American Rant About Killing, Torturing U.S. Soldiers

Of course he is set to preform in front of Obama, they have something in common – they hate America. It is time to remove this little zipper-head bastard off of your kid’s ipads. AOL – In the past few … Continue reading

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Supremes to hear ‘gay’-marriage cases Ryan Stonewalls on Involvement with Boehner Purge (if he is a part of it, boot him too) Jacintha Saldanha, Royal Nurse Victim of Prank, Kills Self Boehner: Feeling Pressure For Booting Conservatives, Tries To Act … Continue reading

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Mark Levin: John Boehner I want to tell you something

It is time for Boo-Hoo Boehner to go…

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The United States Air Force Declares War On Pinup Girls!

Oh good grief! This is just another example of liberals trying to turn women into men, and men into Justin Bieber. News flash: Men like to look at women, and women like for men to look at them — it … Continue reading

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