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Herman Cain: The Dangers Of Compromising With Obama

A short clip from the Jimmy Z Show Herman Cain interview . Why we didn’t run him instead of Romney I will never know?

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Gun Grabbing Tweet of the Day

@MMFlint You are right! The government has no business banning lawn darts either. — ConservativeBC (@ConservativeBC) December 30, 2012 HT The Truth About Guns

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He should be proud! I have been hunting them for years and have yet to bag one. Knuckledraggin My Life Away

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An Obama Third Term? – Hot Bites

Third term Obama & these other links at Hot Bites: Hillary Clinton So Sick She Had to Travel to Punta Cana Resort to Celebrate the New Year Predicting the Biggest Stories of 2013 “Taylor Swift, Katy Perry and Hollywood Are … Continue reading

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“Glenn Beck Is A Thief” – Pamela Geller

This sort of thing happens all of the time. The smaller the blog, the more likely it is, and the less you can do about it. It even goes on here. I have a very well known fan who makes … Continue reading

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Damn Liberals Can’t Drive

I have dealt with these dips on the highway before, I just didn’t realize that they were liberals. I think he is on to something. Whateverhappentocomm – “Liberal Drivers and the So-Called Homeless, Don’t come to Texas liberals, Idiots on … Continue reading

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