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Grizzly Bear Charge Captured by Filmmaker

(Angel Fire) A B.C. filmmaker says he’s lucky to be alive after narrowly avoiding a grizzly attack while filming in the Robson Valley, southeast of Prince George. Leon Lorenz, who lives in Dunster, B.C., was filming grizzly bears in a … Continue reading

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Now you know why they wear burkas

Knuckledraggin My Life Away

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U.S. Marine Veteran’s Letter Goes Viral Telling Democratic Sen. Diane Feinstein “No Ma’am”

“No Ma’am” & These other links at Hot Bites 150 Years Ago Today… Republicans Freed the Slaves Eric Cantor opposes Senate’s fiscal cliff bill; Liberals reply: ‘F**k you!’ Barbi Twins Interesting the rifle in lanza’s trunk was not an ar-15 … Continue reading

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Yea I am going there. I am running the latest conspiracy theory from the ENQUIRER. I know — sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, but sometimes it is not. Chances are she is telling the truth; if she is … Continue reading

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“Amazing! Obama Is Speaking As If Lanza Was Able To Get The Guns Legally ” – Jimmy Z

I can’t understand why he is saying that someone who broke existing laws to obtain a weapon illegally would respect additional restrictions? Lanza – I can’t buy that hot thirty round clip from you because it is illegal. Illegal gun … Continue reading

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