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New from Remington: Model 783 Bolt Action Rifle

Truth About Guns Well, it looks like American Rifleman got their hands on the new Remington bolt action rifle before anyone else… Keep Reading

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Late Hot Bits: Rumor of the day – Boo-Hoo Boehner may resign later soon!

Boo-Hoot Boot Rumor @ These Other Link At Hot Bites Briefly: Every Gun Control Conversation Ever Buying iPads With Food Stamps Touching Photo of Baby Grasping Doctor’s Finger From the Womb During C-Section Goes Viral Emperor Obama Issues Executive Order … Continue reading

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My new enemy

If this chick was teaching at Sandy Hook with a concealed carry, we would have been reading a different headline. A Strong Cup Of Coffee It looks like a fluffy dog. It is about 30 feet from me trotting along … Continue reading

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Boo-Hoo Boehner Sellout – It Is Finally Time To Leave The Republican Party

Jimmy and I often disagree, but we are defiantly on the same page on this one.  It is time to give the RINO’s the boot. T These people do not represent conservatives.

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Newspaper that mapped home addresses of law-abiding handgun owners hires armed guards

Here is a link I didn’t want to bury in Hot Bites — irony on top of irony… Political News & Views: The Journal News —the newspaper that mapped the home addresses of the law-abiding handgun owners in its area … Continue reading

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Do We Need A Third Party Damit?

The answer is yes. I fought against it for four years, thinking a split would get Obama elected again. Obama did get re-elected; plus, the GOP refused to fund support for Teapary types in the House and Senate races. We … Continue reading

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