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NRA News on Media Misinformation – January 9, 2013

NRA – In an effort to combat anti-gun biases in the mainstream media, Cam Edwards from NRA News breaks down and rebuts media misinformation… Second Part Here

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Obama Gun Control – ” An Executive Order Will End In Impeachment” – Jimmy Z

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RUSH: ‘All My Babies’ Mamas’ Will Become A Lifestyle To Be Admired

More From Daily Rushbo CNN Upset Over ‘Normalizing Pedophilia’ Comments, Only Because I Was The One Who Said It Imagine If Musburger Had Said Katherine Webb Tasted Like Honey Nut Cheerios Redskins Are Going To Change ‘Racist’ Name Of Team

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Ted Nugent Explodes: “Gun owners the next Rosa Parks”

‘We will sit down on the front seat of the bus’
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Does anyone else think that Skip Bayless is gay?

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Media, Left freak over Drudge headline likening Obama’s gun grab threat to Stalin, Hitler

What Drudge is doing is the true meaning of the phrase “truth to power”  — what liberals love to yell, until one of their own actually gets the power. The old argument about bringing up Hitler first goes out he … Continue reading

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Video: Busting Moonbat “Assault Weapon” Propaganda Speak

Moontattery – One of the many reasons our moonbat rulers do not need to ban military “assault rifles” is that they are already virtually illegal. Pay attention, libs; here’s a basic firearms lesson you won’t get from PBS:

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Hot Bites – Biden: Obama to use EXECUTIVE ORDER to go after guns

King Obama’s gun grab, and these other links on Hot Bites…. Hillary Clinton Publicly Linked Benghazi To Mohammed Film Before Navy SEALs Woods And Doherty Were Killed By Attackers… Schools Teaching Boston Tea Party as act of terrorism It Begins… … Continue reading

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