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“Rumblings of Dictatorship” Wild Bill For America

Bill – There are some disturbing trends coming from the White House. Americans beware. Another Bill Vid: “American Revolution #2″

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NRA President: “We Knew Once Re-Elected, This President (Obama) was Going After the 2nd Amendment”

I think we all knew that he would go for guns. Anything Obama can to tear at the fabric of this country that he hates, he is going do.  How this America hating commie elected twice? 

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Hot Bites – Could this Scandal bring Obama down?

Obama scandal and these other link on Hot Bites… Huff Po Off the Rails: Touts “Connection” between “Prophet Muhammad” and George Washington… Harry Reid Fingered in $600,000 Bribery Case… American pastor faces federal suit for stance on homosexuality… Did You … Continue reading

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EVERYBODY hates him….

Knuckledraggin My Life Away

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Legal Action Against Paper That Outed Gun Owners? – Judge Jeanine Pirro On Hannity!!

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Gun Owners Outed by The Journal News Speak Out – Deneen Borelli – Sean Hannity – 1-11-12

These people should sue that commie paper out of existence. I really think that they have a reckless endangerment case. I say make an example of them.

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