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Day of Resistance

Completely copied and pasted from Moonbattery: Gun Appreciation Day caught moonbats by surprise last Saturday. Unfortunately, it also caught many patriots by surprise; if more people had known about it, and had known that the sleeping giant is waking up again, attendance … Continue reading

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Important – Who Was The Hot Blonde Behind Rep. Ted Poe During Benghazi Testimony?

Another Benghazi question that needs answering… From Blur Brain – “C’mon, no one else noticed her? The video was a bit too “cheesy crushy” but it’s the only one I could find”… Developing

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Flat Out Bullsh**! Limbaugh Goes Ballistic On Hillary’s “What Difference Does It Make”

Find More @ http://www.DailyRushbo.com

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Rohrbacher Challenges Clinton on Anti-Islamic Video – ‘Isn’t It Disconcerting That the Only Person in Prison Is the Filmmaker?

Barracuda Brigade – During questioning from Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-Calif.), Hillary Clinton addressed whether State Department officials were watching the Benghazi attack play out on video surveillance. She said, “There was no monitor, there was no real time, we got … Continue reading

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Complete Benghazi: Hillary Clinton loses it – Hot Bites

Hillary Clinton loses it & these links on today’s Hot Bites Hillary : “None of the Lies We Told in Order To Get Obama Elected Matter” Sept. 11 Benghazi attackers found among terrorists attacking Algerian gas complex Senator Paul Destroys … Continue reading

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5 Guns to buy before a potential ban

Via Capitalist Preservation

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