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Bill O’Reilly VS Colin Powell On Racism Claims – Full Video

Two things about this interview “infuriates” me Powell: One is that you are a Obama seat sniffing joke pretending to be conservative when there is not a conservative bone in your body. And the other was O’Reilly finishing of an … Continue reading

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Sick Minds – MSNBC Doctored Video To Make Gun Rights Advocates Appear To Heckle Grief Stricken Father

A snip from The Lonely Conservative: National and internationalmedia are up in arms today over the story of Neil Heslin, father of slain Sandy Hook student Jesse Lewis, being heckled yesterday during a Connecticut legislative meeting. During his testimony, in … Continue reading

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Obama on botched abortion…

If this offends you, it should. I for one could never consider voting no on a bill that would give a child a fighting chance at life after a botched abortion. Voting against a bill like that once might be … Continue reading

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BAM! Conservative To Martin Bashir: Without Fox, ‘We’d Still Think That Benghazi Happened Because Of A Video’

That is exactly right. The liberal lapdog media did their level best to cover up the killings, the incompetence and then to cover up the cover-up. Watch Bashir’s face when conservative activist Ron Meyer hits him with a little stone … Continue reading

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John Hawkins – 2/23/2013 is going to be a Day of Resistance

Go Hawkins!! On 2/23/2013, there will be peaceful rallies all across the country. We’re standing up to make sure everyone in DC knows that we’re still here and we’re not willing to give up any more of freedom or our … Continue reading

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Biden – A Heartbeat Away

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It’s On – Obama Vs Rush – Hot Bites

Obama Vs Rush & These Links Today On Hot Bites The Boy Scouts Thinking of Allowing Gay Men to Be in Charge of Boy’s Sleepover Trips 49ers’ Jim Harbaugh glad Obama’s mythical son wouldn’t play football; Libs attack Public univ … Continue reading

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