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Fran Tarkenton – Mickelson was right on taxes

(Fran Tarkenton/USA Today) – Mickelson was right on taxes  —  Citizens are right to complain about high taxes.  It hurts job creators and the little guy.  —  Pro golfer Phil Mickelson has gotten a lot of flak for his recent comments about … Continue reading

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Ted Nugent Vs Piers Morgan Gun Debate – Happened Today 2/4/13

Why I wrote 1/14/13 on the original title I will never know?… “Today February 4 2013 Piers Morgan interviewed Ted Nugent on the subject of gun control and once again it turned to be quite entertaining.”

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Levin Shreds Karl Rove: We Must Break Up This Ruling Class In Washington

You will know it is all over when they figure out a way to silence Mark Levin.  He is right yet again, Karl Rove is a big part of the reason we are stuck with four years of Obama.

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Rand Paul Responds to Ron: ‘Chris Kyle Was a Hero’

I really hope that Rand Paul is a different person than his dad. For me, it is hard to know if this latest is just damage control to the Paul name, or if he genuinely disagrees with some of the wacko … Continue reading

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RUSH: Patriotism At Super Bowl “Has Got To Be Tearing Liberals Apart”

More From Rushbo RUSH: “Funeral Crashers” Clinton’s Show Up At Funerals Parody RUSH: Obama Talks About How ‘Everybody’s Got A Guilt Trip Watching The NFL’ In Super Bowl Interview

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Ron Paul Gloats Over War Hero Chris Kyle’s Murder – Hot Bites

& these other links on Hot Bites NRA’s Wayne LaPierre Reacts to Obama Skeet-Shooting Photo Sun causes climate change, Gore on ‘suicide’ watch Hillary Clinton Blames America for Failures in Muslim World Texas Middle School Students Being Asked To Design … Continue reading

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