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Hot Bites – Limbaugh: The Left-Wing’s ‘War On Boys’ Continues

& these other links on Hot Bites Guess The State: Teens Beat Crazed Bum That Attacked Kids Screaming, “I’m Obama”! Chris Rock: ‘The President and the First Lady Are Like the Mom and the Dad of the Country’ Ahmadinejad: Iran … Continue reading

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Obama Cartoon – Pretty Much Shows Where American Citizens Rank

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Revealed: The Part They Cropped Out of Obama’s Skeet-Shooting Picture

This is funny I don’t care who you are!!

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Some Of The Truest Words Spoken By Ronald Reagan

Another great one from The Looking Spoon: “Ronald Reagan would be 102 years old today.”

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Finally The Official Release: The Guns Used in Newtown Shooting

As reported on The Truth About Guns: “The Newtown Police Department finally released the details of the firearms used in the Sandy Hook shooting. , but no official word until now. And, as expected, it reads like a list of … Continue reading

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RINO Rove Responds to Conservative Criticism of His New PAC – After His Rollout Bombs (Video)

Karl Rove has been an absolute disaster, and is a big part of the reason we are now stuck with Obama. I am with Levin, it is time to boot his sorry butt out of the process altogether. Is that … Continue reading

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Technology Triumphs: Grassy Knoll shooter has been identified

“Now with digital enhancement, the perpetrator has been positively ID’d.” Via Capitalist Preservation  

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