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Levin: “THIS IS HUGE!” Obama Too Damn Lazy To Help Dying Men At Benghazi

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Mark Levin On Benghazi Hearing: Our men were fighting for their lives and Obama did NOTHING!

Mark Levin absolutely destroyed Obama today over his incompetent Benghazi failure, straight-up treason, or however you personally interpret the reasons behind this latest disaster from our national embarrassment. “Our Ambassador, Americans,our consulate –under attack,fighting for their lives! And the President … Continue reading

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Wild Meat Nutrition Guide

I thought this was pretty informative. Although most wild meat is low in fat, some is surprisingly high in cholesterol. Outdoor Life – We take a look at the nutritional value of some of the most popular (and most obscure) … Continue reading

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Mark Levin On Why Karl Rove Is Exactly Wrong – He Is Stabbing Us In the Back!

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John McCain To General Benghazi Cover-Up – Dempsey. ‘Bizarre Statements’ & Testimony ‘Simply False’

Will there ever be even any semblance of accountability for Obama and Hillary’s Benghazi treason? Yes, I said it! Treason…

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The Handout Zombie Apocalypse – Wild Bill For America

What happens when there is no more money for welfare?

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First Look: Lowrance’s New HDS Gen2 Touch

I am a Humminbird guy myself. The main reason is that I spent the money to buy one of the high powered Lowrance units back in the early nineties to go along with the factory Humminbird low-ends that came with … Continue reading

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