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Iran: Proof New Fighter Jet Not A Hoax

Exclusive amazing photo from Big Hairy News: Here for in-depth coverage of remarkable photo – Amazing!!

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Can’t Keep Up The Hot Bites Page

I want to thank JZ who came up with the idea for the Hot Bites page. It was and still is a great idea. There is just not enough of us to give it the proper attention. So I will … Continue reading

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Soledad O’Brien Clip Displayed On “LAPD Cop Killer Christopher Dorner is A HERO” Facebook Page

This Facebook page is disturbing on so many levels. For one, just knowing that there are so many crazy evil people in this country is enough to make the hair stand up on the back of your neck. Besides that … Continue reading

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Wow! – CNN’s Don Lemon Unwittingly Inviting Killings From Other Disgruntled Nuts

Ever been screwed at work? If you have and are considering mowing a bunch of people down because of their mistreatment, you have a sympathetic ear in rump ranger Don Lemon. Well, as long as discrimination may have been involved … Continue reading

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