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“Rapists for Gun Control” Wild Bill For America

Why do liberal gun control schemes target honest citizens? Wild Bill has a theory.

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Tackle Test: Best New Spinning and Baitcasting Rods and Reels for 2013

Outdoor Life – For a variety of reasons, but due in large part to a limping economy, product innovation in the fishing tackle industry has been somewhat stagnant for the past couple of years. For 2013, however, ingenuity has come … Continue reading

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Video: More On The 3-D Printers Printing AR-15s

The Washington Compost – Travis Lerol prints a lower receiver for an AR-15 at his home in Glen Burnie, Md. The printer uses plastic instead of ink, and the process takes about 10 hours.

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Jailed After Slashing Friend With Knife When He Refused To Switch Places During Threesome

The Weekly Vice – Fargo, N.D. (The Weekly Vice) – Ashley Hunter, a 33-year-old North Dakota man, was jailed Monday after he allegedly stabbed a friend with a butcher’s knife because the friend wouldn’t switch places during a threesome. According … Continue reading

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Ohio Poll Worker Who Admits Voting Twice For Obama May Have Voted Six Times

I guess Obama’s fundamental transformation of the United States into a banana republic is complete. Fox News “Yes, I voted twice,” Richardson told WCPO-TV. “I, after registering thousands of people, certainly wanted my vote to count, so I voted. I … Continue reading

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Limbaugh On Obama: “This Is A Deranged Mind”

More Rushbo Limbaugh: If Obama’s The Puppet Master, Media Are Eager Puppets RUSH: With Sequester Obama Trying To Wipe Out, Clear The Playing Field Of Any Opposition Limbaugh: Obama Trying To Raise Fear On Talk Of Sequester RUSH: Obama Has … Continue reading

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Ten Hot Bites – Ten Democrat Tips For Avoiding Rape Without Needing A Gun

Obama fail: Admits sequester designed never to happen UADA Made To Bang on Tables, Chant, ‘Pilgrims were illegal aliens’… Drudge War On Women: White House Spokesman Jay Carney Sneers at Female Reporter Virginia Pizza Shop Offers Discount to Customers Who … Continue reading

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Glenn Beck: I’m Done With Establishment Republicans, I Support Constitutionalists Like Rand Paul (Video)

I have noticed in my constant search of material though the Teaparty conservative grassroots blogs that Rand Paul is emerging as the unified favorite for running against Hillary in 2016. Ted Cruz is becoming the very likeable but not as … Continue reading

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Hidden Cam Catches Michelle Obama Skiing in Aspen

Ha! Ha! Ha! Heeeeee! Crap, that was good! Via IOTW

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Why a $9 Minimum Wage is a Bad Idea

TLG – President Obama proposed a $9 federal minimum wage in his State of the Union address. Here is why that is a terrible idea. It will increase unemployment and the cost of the minimum wage will be passed onto … Continue reading

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Cute Baby Zebra Giraffe Frog?

Tacky Racoons

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