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Michelle Obama’s 18 Marxist Approved Hairstyles

More SooperMexican — Oh happy day! After last night’s stunning appropriation of Hollywood by the White House for official statist propaganda purposes, our mompants leader has graciously declared all the hairstyles approved for American women!

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Link Of The Day – Don’t You Need to Be Employed Before You Can Become Unemployed?

IMAO – A new report shows that thousands of prison inmates are collecting unemployment. What do they list as their last job? “Involuntary property transfer specialist”?

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Why Romney Lost: CDN Gets It Wrong – Really Wrong!

One of the advantages of running a blog like Conservative Blogs Central is that I am in contact with hundreds of bloggers, and because of this I am uniquely in-tune with the pulse of the conservative Teaparty movement. I as much as anyone, … Continue reading

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America Bless God – Wild Bill For America

Bill is right again. And the perverts he is talking about are mostly in the Democratic party….

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Rush Limbaugh: Government Targeting Your 401K

Yea and he is also going after the Railroad Retirement Trust… See link a bottom of blog on the left. HT Daily Rushbo

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Michelle Obama and Chicken and Waffles Chips

This Frank guy is hilarious! Or maybe he wasn’t trying to be funny and is asking a legitimate question…?

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Alex Jones to Interview Michael Savage on Tuesday February 26, 2013

This should make Jimmy Z’s head explode, but I think I will listen to it myself just out of morbid fascination.

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Remote On im41 Header

Knuckledraggin My Life Away    

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Sen. Cruz: ‘Obama Is The Most Radical President We’ve Ever Seen’ – Real Truth To Power

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) Via Drudge Report — Tea Party stalwart Sen. Ted Cruz has tough words for President Barack Obama in a recent interview. “I think President Obama is the most radical president we’ve ever seen, but I think an awful … Continue reading

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Ted Cruz Poking Fun At The Marxist Moonbat Obama Media

No wonder Debbie Was-a-man Doh was calling him a mean sinister little Mexican. His truth to commie approach to dealing with Democrats must seem shockingly aggressive after Romney and McCain’s bend over and smile techniques. I could really start liking … Continue reading

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