The Pregnant Man Can’t Get A Divorce

Add a pregnant ‘man’ and  homosexual ‘marriage’ /divorce theater  to the bizarre world of trans-gendered newspeak and you have an incomprehensible tangle of ‘pc, sensitive, non-discriminatory, inoffensive,’ meaningless gibberish.  If ‘she becomes he and marries she and he who is she becomes pregnant by substitute he, can she divorce he and does baby he or she belong to she, he or he?’  Let me simplify this for you,  ‘We are dealing with a woman here who has some extreme mental problems, who is both living with another woman and has children.’


  From The Christian Post:

A transgender Arizona man will make an appeal after being denied a divorce by a  judge on the grounds that the state does not recognize same-sex marriage.

During a 9-year marriage to a woman named Nancy, Thomas Beatie gave birth to  all three of the couple’s children. Beatie at the time had already begun to  undergo sex transformation surgery, but intentionally left the female  reproductive organs intact. After three kids, they split, and Beatie filed for  divorce before meeting his current girlfriend, Amber Nicholas.

A judge ruled on Friday, however, that Beatie could not officially obtain a  divorce because he did not make the specifics of his gender clear at the time of his marriage, which took place in Hawaii.

“The decision here is not based on the conclusion that this case involves a  same-sex marriage merely because one of the parties is a transsexual male, but  instead, the decision is compelled by the fact that the parties failed to prove  that (Thomas Beatie) was a transsexual male when they were issued their marriage  license,” Maricopa County Family Court Judge Douglas Gerlach wrote in his  ruling.

Afterwards Beatie announced his plans to appeal the judge’s ruling. He was  awarded a new birth certificate in Hawaii, which declares he is a man. Because  of the “non-existent” marriage, Beatie’s former wife will receive child support,  but does not qualify for alimony.

Last year Beatie, whose three children are five and under, admitted the he  and his current girlfriend were looking forward to having another child.



Is the Media Shifting To A Pro-Suicide Position?



Wesley J. Smith at National Review reported yesterday:

The media have become pro suicide. You see this all the time, now. When elderly, disabled, or ill people kill themselves, reports depict the deed as empowering or laudable exercises in personal autonomy.

Latest example: The Australia media has played up an elderly woman–who announced ahead of time she was going to kill herself–and then did the deed. From The Age’s story, ”Rational suicide: Why Beverley Broadbent Chose to Die:

Beverley Broadbent was not dying of a terminal illness, nor was she depressed or unhappy. But at 83, she wanted to die. After living a rich and satisfying life, the Brighton East woman said the ageing process had come to feel like a disease that was robbing her of her physical and mental fitness. In February, she said she had had enough. ’’I look well and I walk well so people think I’m fine. But I have so many things wrong with me,’’ she said. ‘’The balance is gone. It’s taking so much time for me to keep fit to enjoy myself that there’s not enough time to enjoy myself.’’

In several interviews with Fairfax Media, Ms Broadbent said she planned to take her own life so she could have a peaceful, dignified death. She said she did not want her health to deteriorate to the point where she had dementia or found herself in a nursing home with no way out. The environmental activist chose to tell her story because she believed many elderly people wanted to die when they felt their life was complete, doctor discussing with patientbut lacked the means to go gently. ’’I can’t understand why people who really want to can’t have the means to go with the help of a doctor in a dignified manner at the time that they choose,’’ she said.

Here is Smith from March 2  with an earlier example:

Here we go again. A woman committed suicide and it is depicted in the press as a positive–”on her own terms.” And note, she was not terminally ill, the usual excuse for supporting suicide. From the Globe and Mail story, “A Social Activist’s Ultimate Legacy: Advocating for the Right to Die:”

From their ghoulish abortion dogma, to their elevating of animals and insects, the left, including the media, have long advocated a debasing of the sanctity of human life.   doctor discussing with patientNow, with centralized planning of healthcare, a cost-benefit analysis may add pragmatics to the motives to glorify suicide and possibly even euthanasia.  Hollywood, for whatever reason, isn’t late to the game.     Is it pessimistic to look for an increase in this pro-death meme by the left in all forms of media?

Not to go all Godwin on you, but since I read Jonah Goldberg’s Liberal Facism I notice these things.  It was the Nazi’s who began the pro-euthanasia glorification in their lead up to the holocaust.  According to Gene Edward Veith in his excellent book Modern Facism: A Threat to the Judeo-Christian Worldview: 

Popular acceptance of euthanasia was cemented by a movie entitled “I Accuse.”  It was about a physician with an incurably ill wife, who pleads with him to end her suffering.  Out of his great love for her, he gives her a lethal injection.  The plot, the thematic bias, and the emotional manipulation are reminiscent of contemporary made-for-TV movies on the subject.  I Accuse was made at the suggestion of Karl Brandt, head of the Nazi euthanasia project.  The film was designed to test public opinion euthklageanfilmstill300pxwabout the subject, to see to what extent the public could accept euthanasia.  Screening of the film was followed by careful polling of the viewers.  The data revealed that most people, including doctors, believed that the doctor did the right thing in killing his wife.

The first official legalized ‘mercy killing’ was the result of an emotional case brought before the Fuhrer himself … An official policy was drawn up, creating an active program to euthanize infants … A medical panel was established to decide whether treatment — that is euthanasia should be carried out.  Older children, suffering from birth-related handicaps were soon drawn in.  By 1940 , 30 centers had been set up for the killing of children.

A program known only as “T4″ was set up which applied the procedures set up for euthanizing children to adults.  Psychiatrists and physicians were required to fill out questionaries’ about their patients… elderly people plagued with senility were euthanized.

And it goes on from there.  Talk about a slippery slope.

Can Character Be Compartmentalized? Mark Sanford

Michelle Malkin is skeptical and sympathetic toward the Sanford children when his mistress fiancée ‘surprises’ him at his victory speech last night


I guess I am old fashioned, but I simply don’t believe a person can be untrustworthy in one area of his life and trustworthy in other areas.  I didn’t believe it during the whole Clinton/Lewinsky circus and I don’t believe it with this self-absorbed jackass.  I realize that many may not agree, “Hey, whatever let’s get another ‘conservative’ in Congress.”   If a man will publically humiliate his wife and those beautiful boys for his own selfishness, he will humiliate and let down conservatives as well.  mark-sanford-jenny-sanford-and-four-sons

Case in point, Sanford claims to have been surprised by what’s her name’s congratulatory visit.  Do you know what the Greek word for that is? Bologna.  Either the man is a shameless liar, or the woman has an unbelievable lack of judgment.  My vote is “shameless liar.”