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The Pregnant Man Can’t Get A Divorce

Add a pregnant ‘man’ and  homosexual ‘marriage’ /divorce theater  to the bizarre world of trans-gendered newspeak and you have an incomprehensible tangle of ‘pc, sensitive, non-discriminatory, inoffensive,’ meaningless gibberish.  If ‘she becomes he and marries she and he who is … Continue reading

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Is the Media Shifting To A Pro-Suicide Position?

  Wesley J. Smith at National Review reported yesterday: The media have become pro suicide. You see this all the time, now. When elderly, disabled, or ill people kill themselves, reports depict the deed as empowering or laudable exercises in … Continue reading

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Can Character Be Compartmentalized? Mark Sanford

Michelle Malkin is skeptical and sympathetic toward the Sanford children when his mistress fiancée ‘surprises’ him at his victory speech last night I guess I am old fashioned, but I simply don’t believe a person can be untrustworthy in one … Continue reading

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