The “Compassionate” Left’s Ghoulish Slip Is Showing Again, Rick Warren’s Son Commits Suicide

According to Michelle Malkin at Twitchy and Sooper Mexican the spiteful and malicious left just can’t contain their glee that Rick Warren’s youngest son Matthew committed suicide.  Rick Warren’s crime?  He doesn’t affirm the gay lifestyle, so these compassionate and kindly leftists take to twitter in droves celebrating the grief that the Warren family must be feeling.   Their fondest fantasy seems to be that hopefully Matthew Warren is gay and therefore his death can be blamed directly on his ‘homophobic’ father.  There is no evidence that the younger Warren was homosexual, but why let that get in the way of a triumphant daydream?

ghoulish left


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Compare these creepy tweets to Rick Warren’s letter of announcement to his church    and decide for yourselves who is the most unbalanced.