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Hannity & Panelist Shouting Match With Muslim Guest Over Radical Islam

“Hannity and Cunningham expressed their disgust with how widespread the support of subservience of women is in Islam, with Cunningham shouting at Ghouse, “Women are brutalized by Islam and you’re not admitting to it!” Ghouse admitted there are flaws in … Continue reading

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Pooched Lipped Obama “Maybe I Should Pack up and go home”

Conservative Blogs Central – As the press politely laid out the problems that are going on now, Obama grew gloomy. When faced with all the conflict going on right now, he said, “If you put it that way, maybe I … Continue reading

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Krauthammer Snarks At Carney Over Ridiculous Benghazi Remark

Let me be perfectly clear: Obama has been perfectly unclear over ever aspect of the Benghazi disaster…

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Prison Postpartum Abortion – Monster Kermit Gosnell In Solitary Confinement

Via LifeNews: Kermit Gosnell has been in jail since his January 2011 arrest after authorities raided his abortion clinic. The jury in the Gosnell murder trial is expected to deliver a verdict soon, and the abortion “doctor” is housed at … Continue reading

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Twitter Reacts To Jay Carney’s Sickening And Disturbing ‘Benghazi Happened a Long Time Ago’

Twitchy has it right; this guy is a cockroach! @amandacarpenter Use Hillary’s words against Carney: Benghazi is still important. As for the time frame, what difference does it make? — Anthony Bialy (@AnthonyBialy) May 1, 2013 Per @presssec, there’s a … Continue reading

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Oh My! – Benghazi-Gate Crap About To Hit The Fan – Snowballing!

I just posted this video, but after watching it in its entirety I realized that my title didn’t do it justice. This investigation has gained momentum to the point where if a special investigation is not called the integrity of … Continue reading

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More Obama Lies – Benghazi Attack Whistleblowers To Testify On Benghazi Hearing May 8th – On The Record

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Clueless! – Obama Hasn’t Heard Of Survivors’ Claims On Benghazi – Yeah Right!!

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NEW BOMBER SUSPECTS Dumped Dzhokhar’s Backpack & Computer – Knew He Made Bombs

Gateway Pundit – The three suspects arrested today in connection with the Boston Marathon bombings knew that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev could make bombs. They also dumped his backpack and computer in a dumpster after the bombings… Keep Reading

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MoveOn.org Petition: ESPN Must ‘Immediately Suspend’ Broussard for ‘Gay Bashing’

Boy the liberal  heads are really spinning on this one! I thought their mantra was ‘express yourself.” I guess that only applies to expressions of degeneracy… Breitbart – MoveOn.org has started a petition to get ESPN reporter Chris Broussard immediately … Continue reading

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‘The Chris Matthews Show’ Cancelled

Chris Matthews is beginning to circle the drain – it is just a matter of time now before his very low rated Hardball is canceled as well. Philly.com – The Philly-raised journalist’s long-term contract with the cable TV channel keeps … Continue reading

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Boston Bombing Co-conspirator’s License Plate Pic ‘Terrorista#1

I wonder if this was paid for by some government subsidy? Atlas Shrugs – ARRESTED: Boston Jkhad Bomber’s Co-conspirator’s License Plate: ‘Terrorista#1 …was arrested. The “terrorista” license plate speaks to the media sanction of jihad and the norming ofth holy … Continue reading

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Desiree Hawkins – Had Abortion at Gosnell’s Clinic Gets Emotional After Learning He Kept Baby’s Foot

The Blaze – When Desiree Hawkins sought an abortion at Dr. Kermit Gosnell’s clinic in Dec. 2009, the 16-year-old had no idea what would follow — a terrifying criminal trial in which the abortion doctor would be slapped with some … Continue reading

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RUSH: If Obama Had A Gay Son, Would He Look Like Jason Collins?

Sports have been taken over by moonbats. It all started with the Disney owned ESPN in the 90’s who began pumping out liberal propaganda almost as fast as MSNBC. You can turn the channel… More from Daily Rushbo: Limbaugh: “In … Continue reading

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Hot Bites – Three more Boston arrests – pics – updates / Benghazi Update

BREAKING: Boston Police Take Three Additional Marathon Bombing Suspects Into Custody – Update: Report: Suspects Helped Dzhokhar Tsarnaev After Bombing – Update: Helped Dispose Of Explosives After Attack… Three more arrests over Boston bombs Three More Arrests In Boston Marathon … Continue reading

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