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America Is Doomed! – Occupy Portland Now Dancing Around Golden Calf…

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Benghazi truth busting out all over

Link of the day from the “Right Truth.” This Benghazi thing could be what finally stops Obama. RT: “What a difference 8 months makes”

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College of Marin student uses social media to power growth of conservative website “I’m just a businessman. I have absolutely no interest whatsoever in politics,” Massoumi said. “All I want to do is make my money, get the life that … Continue reading

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James Carville Skeeeeerd Of Ted Cruz As Presidential Candidate

Carville may be a creep but he is no dummy. View this as a “Ragin’ Cajun” heads-up to fellow moonbats, that they had better take Cruz seriously.

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Bubba Watson on Collins: ‘The Bible Says You’re Not Supposed to Be Gay’

It looks like I have a new favorite golfer… Breitbart – Last week via Twitter, Masters-winning golfer Bubba Watson expressed his support for beleaguered ESPN commentator Chris Broussard after Broussard expressed his traditional Christian worldview on homosexuality with regard to … Continue reading

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Hot Bites – California Gives Condoms To 12 Year Olds

The latest from Conservative Blogs Central… Wow! Benghazi Whistlebowers names leaked before Committee Testimony Wonder how! Deneen Borelli Smackdown Debate w/ Christy Setzer On WH Benghazi Silence – 5-5-13 Reps. Chaffetz, Lynch Clash Over Intimidation Of Benghazi Witnesses Worse Than … Continue reading

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Sleazy Liberal Cockroaches Scurry From Under Obama’s Looming Benghazi Shadow

Breitbart has put out a string of videos with various liberal law makers desperately trying to claw their way out from under the Obama Benghazi bus. Here is just one of them… “On Fox News Sunday, Rep. Stephen Lynch (D-MA) … Continue reading

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Issa Reveals Startling Information on Benghazi – Oh Obama And Hillary Are So Busted!

Can you believe that this is on “Face The Nation?” If this has progressed to the point where the Obama fan club that is the liberal media has finally been shamed into reporting on it, you can bet that the … Continue reading

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State Department blocked access to Benghazi witness for months

Obama and Hillary are guilty of lying to the American people. They lied to ensure that Obama would get elected, and they are lying now to cover their butts. Fire Andrea Mitchell – The names of the witnesses who will … Continue reading

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Benghazi Whistleblower – Gen Pickering ‘Became Physically Ill’ At The Thought of Dealing With Hillary

Breitbart When the Accountability Review Board’s report on Benghazi came out, last December, John Bolton noted that the State Dept. was basically investigating itself, and suggested that their assertions might not hold up to scrutiny. It looks like the ARB’s … Continue reading

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