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BigFurHat’s Identity Revealed

Being last years winner, BigFurHat may be heavy favorite in this contest but everything is different this year, because after threats of more Anthony Weiner type photos Maggie at Maggie’s Notebook finally agreed to nominate yours truly. My main strategy … Continue reading

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Abortion Isn’t Complicated Just Trot Out the Toddler

The Gosnell trial, for those who have paid attention, has shined a light into the barbaric dark underbelly of the abortion industry.  For decades, abortion apologists have inoculated the public against the crude savageness of abortion with benign terms such … Continue reading

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BenghaziGate – Wow, Even Liberal Dennis Kucinich Is “Offended” By Obama’s Lies (Video)

HT Weasel Zippers

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Bachmann: Obama released IRS bombshell because of Benghazi…

World Net Daily – HT Drudge Report The Internal Revenue Service under the Obama administration – described by Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., as the “most feared government agency” – admitted Friday it targeted conservative and tea-party groups during last year’s … Continue reading

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Greatest Graphic Poster Ever!

I wouldn’t usually post a graphic by itself— but this says it all to me ….. And you know all that that happened over there, “That was a long time ago.” ADDED From The Blaze, “Benghazi victim’s Mom, ‘I don’t … Continue reading

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AWWW! – The Daily Kos Celebrates Mother’s Day

How touching! Who said the Daily Kos never runs a Mother’s Day story for fear of promoting family values? Pic By Scooter Van Neuter (Big Hairy News)

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Need Help With That Danged WordPress Website?

Moving your blog from Blogger to a self-hosted website is not as easy as it sounds. The first thing you realize is that there is no nifty design editor to help you make your site look the way you want. … Continue reading

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Cartoon Of The Year – Fighting the Benghazi trail

“Mike Lester illustrates Obama administration efforts to quash investigation”… World Net Daily

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House Intel Cmte Chair: More Benghazi Whistleblowers To Come Forward

HT Breitbart

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