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Government Cover-Up: Mermaids Are Real – Aquatic Ape

While coastal flooding millions of years ago turned some of our ancestors inland, is it possible that one group of our ancestors didn’t retreat from water but rather went in deeper? IT IS ALL BULL****YOU FREAKING ENVIRONMENTAL MOONBAT DIP*****! I … Continue reading

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Obama wipes away tears in Oklahoma…

Story Here

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Graham Calls for Special Counsel – Eric Holder Investigates Eric Holder

So Eric Holder okayed the illegal wiretapping of a news reporter, and Obama is so appalled by this misconduct that he appoints Eric Holder to investigate it? Yes it is really that simple…

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Texas: Fired Employees Must Pass Drug Test to Get Unemployment Benefits

Breitbart Texas is taking a hard-line on employees who do drugs. The Texas Legislature has approved a proposal that would enjoin employees who have lost their jobs to pass a drug screening before they can collect unemployment. In Texas, employers … Continue reading

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Video – Sean Hannity Calls Michael Savage “Idiot Talk Show Host”

It really doesn’t take a mental giant to understand what Hannity’s point was here. He was not calling for war, he is just saying that Obama shouldn’t draw a line unless he means what he says. I am starting to … Continue reading

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Stealth Tornado

Never seen it coming… Knuckledragger

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