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Hilarious! – Alex Jones Challenges Bill O’Reilly To A Fight

Alex (I make up crap as I go along) Jones Vs. Bill (anyone who believes that the only way to heaven is through Christ is an extremist) O’Reilly. It would be a heck of a fight. Dip**** Vs Dip**** My … Continue reading

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Oh My God! – Michael Eric Dyson: Eric Holder Is ‘Moses Of Our Time’

Moses? Seriously? I am absolutely dumber for making the mistake of watching this double dip****! Holder is a worthless sack of crap , who not only needs to step down but needs his butt thrown in jail – along with … Continue reading

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Jaw Dropping! – US officials Wanted Benghazi Hospital To List Amb. Chris Stevens as ‘John Doe’

Twitchy – CBS News’ Sharyl Attkisson is reporting today that U.S. officials requested the murdered U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens be listed as “John Doe” on the Benghazi Medical Center’s death certificate. The reason? An anonymous source told Attkisson it was … Continue reading

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Awesome! – 8-Year-Old Boy Suspended For ‘Pop-Tart Pistol’ Receives NRA Lifetime Membership (Audio)

Daily Caller – NRA lifetime membership usually costs around $550, but all 8-year-old Joshua Welch had to do was get suspended from school for wielding a cherry Pop-Tart. Two months after Welch was suspended from Park Elementary School in Maryland … Continue reading

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VIDEO: Muslim Thug Brutally Bashes Chick In The Face At An EDL Rally

Explanation at Atlas Shrugs

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Mark Steyn on IRS Scandal: Why did the IRS Commissioner Visit the White House 118 Times?

Freedom’s Lighthouse – Mark Steyn sitting in for Rush Limbaugh asks an obvious question. If the Obama White House had nothing to do with the IRS targeting of Conservative Groups, why did IRS Commissioner Douglas Shulman visit the White 118 … Continue reading

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Partners In Crime – Like IRS The EPA Now Targeting Conservative States

Once the cow turd is kicked over all kinds of creepers start squirming in the sunlight… The Daily Caller: Attorneys general from a dozen Republican-led states say the Environmental Protection Agency has been dragging its feet since February on their … Continue reading

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Hot Air Blog Fails Without Michelle Malkin While Her New Site Twitchy Blasts Off The Charts

Hot Air’s latest Karl Rove inspired nose in the air piece on defunding Obamacare by Allahpundit has reminded me that it is time to check back in on a project I started at the end of May this year. I … Continue reading

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Colorado State Senator John Morse Facing Recall After Gun-Control Push

Earlier this year, the Colorado state legislature successfully passed some strict gun-control measures, but gun-rights advocates say the issue isn’t settled: They’re mounting recall campaigns against some legislators who voted for the bill, including one of the state’s highest-ranking lawmakers. State-senate president John Morse and at least … Continue reading

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Shulman’s Obama Visits Compared To Cabinet

What in the world???? Read more from The Daily Caller  

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