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Mark Levin: WARNING! Government’s Plan to Nationalize 401K Plans (Video) – ALSO RAILROAD RETIREMENT NOT SAFE WITH OBAMA!!

Folks, Obama is not only coming for your 401K, he is going to take your “Railroad Retirement.” See the link at the bottom of the blog… Via Mark Levin’s Facebook: During my last few shows, including as recently as yesterday, … Continue reading

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Railroad Retirement Safe Under Romney — Not Under Obama! – Romney Sets Record Straight!

I am glad that Romney has finally put the issue to rest –  Romney/Ryan, Romney, or Ryan by himself is ever going to touch your Railroad Retirement… But Obama might! Desperate Democrat-aligned Unions are misrepresenting Mitt Romney’s platform to their … Continue reading

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Breaking: Obama Attacking Romney On Railroad Retirement, The Biggest Stealth Issue Of The 2012 Election

In the light of the announcement at Hotair that Romney would pick his VP pick tomorrow, and that it would probably be Paul Ryan, this story has suddenly became even more relevant. Ryan’s budget plan could be a disaster for … Continue reading

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