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Video: Kansas City policeman shoots attacker on top and punching CNN to Piers Morgan: Get Off Our Lawn! Wendy Davis drops to 11 pts down in latest poll The Silence of the Lambs About Iran Branco Cartoon – Editors in Chief Off-Duty Cop Road Rage Murder Trial – next big self-defense case Remember your Creepy Uncle Sam? ...Keep Reading
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Bad Blue News
If you are still upset that they did away with Google Reader, here are the best two way to stay on top of breaking news from all the best conservative blogs. Bad Blue News, and BC's Hot Bites. Both aggregate news from not only the huge conservative sites, but also from the smaller grassroots blogs. Bad Blue uses Titter hits to rank each blog posting from countless news sources (including im41), moving hottest stories to the top left of the page — in sentence order. BC's Hot Bites pulls RSS feeds from over 300 sites; the biggest story from each site is displayed ...Keep Reading
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Diogene's Middle Finger
More DOJ Race Based Justice Joe Knows Foreign Policy The Man, The Statesman, The Wee Wee Dance…… Science We Much Better Off Being A Plumber The Kim Jong-un – Barack Obama Secret Hawaiian Summit Fishnet Friday ...Keep Reading
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You've Seen People Who Look Like Other PeopleChechen Terrorists to Target British Athletes & Spectators at Sochi Olympic GamesPeter King Raised Money for TerroristsTotally Looks LikeTHE FINAL PUK AWARD CAGE MATCHGet'em While They're Hot ...Keep Reading
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The Daily Gator
*VIDEO* Chuck Norris' Epic Christmas Split… Take THAT, Jean-Claude Van Damme Volkswagen XL1 Diesel Gets 261 Miles To The Gallon (Videos) Federal Judge: Obama's DHS Delivering Young Illegals Caught At Border To Illegal Alien Parents ‘Stand With Phil': See The Support Flooding The Internet For Suspended ‘Duck Dynasty' Star Thanks Barack… Hidden Obamacare Provision Allows Government To Loot Your Estate After You Die Barack Obama's Brother Malik Buys Underage Girl (Videos) Democrats Passed ObamaCare For The Uninsured… And Guess What? The Uninsured Don't Want It ...Keep Reading
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The People's Cube
Barack Obama: Son of Promise, Child of Hope Peoples TSA Thwarts Attempted Reichwing Hijacking AGAIN! Where Were You and What Were You Doing When… How Sulzberger and the NY Times downplayed the Holocaust Ukrainian priest blesses sledgehammer that smashes Lenin A one-way trip in Government Ambulance Service, or ‘GAS' van The People's Cube Was Hacked by George W. Bush New Enemy of the State: Chris Matthews Ed Schultz: God loves Obamacare ...Keep Reading
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The Earl of Taint
Obama Condemns Himself To Life In Prison, Vows To Fight Repression When Barry Met Mandela Step Aside, Carrie Underwood Obama Wants To Host Sports Center Top Ten. Let Me Be Clear – You're Not De-railing This Train! The Competition Is Keen For Top Fast Food Workers, Apparently. They're Liiiaaarrrs Campaign 2016 – Never Too Soon To Start ...Keep Reading
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Scooter Van Neuter
Top 5 Reasons Barack Obama Is No Nelson Mandela The comparison is so crude as to be laughable, but given the mainstream media's immediate linkage of the two, and President Barack Obama's insistence on talking about himself in his eulogy for Nelson Mandela, it must be said: Obama is no Mandela. Smoking Pot Causes Moobs DETROIT (WNB) – Smoking marijuana can give men “man boobs (“moobs”) according to plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn… Congress Holds Hearings On Space Aliens WASHINGTON (WNB) – The House Science Committee heard testimony from prominent experts concerning the likelihood of the existence of alien lifeforms… First Lady, Dog, Have A Blast ...Keep Reading
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Barracuda Brigade
‘Moderate' muslims…a non-existent politically correct fabrication of the left @SarahPalinUSA joins @oreillyfactor ~> Discusses GOP Direction in 2014 ~> The Tea Party & Bashir's Resignation OMG Creepy ~> Senator Chuck Schumer Sleeps With Life Sized Barack Obama Cardboard Cutout ? ~> Video Ted Nugent ~> Save America By Banning People Who Don't Pay Federal Income Taxes From Voting Hope In Changing Youth ~> Don't miss this one !!! EPIC ~> CBS's @SharylAttkisson Pounds White House For Withholding Information About ObamaCare Website ...Keep Reading
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Fire Andrea Mitchell!
Dingy Harry Reid exempts staffers from Obamacare Cher's son Elijah Blue apologizes for his mother calling Sarah Palin a cunt ObamaCARE Health Insurance Tax set over Thanksgiving Forget About The Price Tag video wins Obamacare HHS contest Michelle Obama to Will Ferrell – Bitch where's my money? Oregon Democrat Earl Blumenauer files bill to tax Americans every mile driven Martin Bashir Resigns From MSNBC MSNBC Dyson – millions of men who will rise to the occasion with free ObamaCARE Viagra ...Keep Reading
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