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Video: Kansas City policeman shoots attacker on top and punching CNN to Piers Morgan: Get Off Our Lawn! Wendy Davis drops to 11 pts down in latest poll The Silence of the Lambs About Iran Branco Cartoon – Editors in Chief Off-Duty Cop Road Rage Murder Trial – next big self-defense case Remember your Creepy Uncle Sam? ...Keep Reading
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Bad Blue News
If you are still upset that they did away with Google Reader, here are the best two way to stay on top of breaking news from all the best conservative blogs. Bad Blue News, and BC’s Hot Bites. Both aggregate news from not only the huge conservative sites, but also from the smaller grassroots blogs. Bad Blue uses Titter hits to rank each blog posting from countless news sources (including im41), moving hottest stories to the top left of the page — in sentence order. BC’s Hot Bites pulls RSS feeds from over 300 sites; the biggest story from each site is displayed ...Keep Reading
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