Separated at birth

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O’Reilly – The Truth About Ferguson #mikebrown #Ferguson #HandsUp

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Kelly File – Cop Beaten Before Shooting #Ferguson #MikeBrown #HandsUp

It doesn’t matter at this point how much facts contradict lies. There is one of the story that low information drones are going to hear.

The poor guy trying to counter the evidence here doesn’t even know that the key witness confessed to robbing the store. Even after hearing that undisputable fact, he still calls it an alleged robbery.

You can’t win when debating someone with the mental capacity of a first grader.

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New #Ferguson Video: “Wilson not injured as he said” #MikeBrown #HandsUp

Just a typical back and forth with a liberal. The reason they are so easy to beat in any type of debate is that they don’t deal well with facts. I even conceded that the cop in the video was Wilson. Which as far as I know hasn’t been confirmed.

And she is not alone, Little Green Footballs has joined in on the dipshittery.

In the video taken by an eyewitness immediately after the shooting, officer Darren Wilson is seen walking calmly around the body with no signs of discomfort or injury, even though by this time he would have been in very serious pain…

Here is an MMA fighter who was suffer a busted orbital bone in a TKO stoppage. He was in clear pain seconds after the KO, but watch him moments later as the judges announce the other guy the winner.

I am guessing he drove himself to the hospital?

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Rush Limbaugh: Black Cop Shoots Unarmed White Man – No Riots #Ferguson #MikeBrown

Not riots, no Eric Holder, no media coverage, nothing. They won’t even call the cop black…

Find Vids More @

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Rush Limbaugh – ESPN Will Fire Mike Ditka For Hammering Liberals Over Redskins Name

I am now officially a Mike Ditka fan…

More From DailyRushbo:

RUSH: Obama’s New Slogan “No, I Can’t”

VERY SMART! RUSH: Rick Perry’s Mugshot Looks Like GQ

RUSH: ‘Other Than White’ Cop Shoots Unarmed White Man

RUSH: Nobel Peace Prize Winner Obama Can’t Go To Ferguson

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Bill Whittle: #Ferguson and the Real Race War (VIDEO)

(Truth Revolt) Since the shooting of Michael Brown by a white policeman and the ensuing riots and looting in Ferguson, MO, Americans have been told, yet again, that there is an epidemic of crime against black people in this country. But is there really a race war, and if so, which side is actually waging it?

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Statement – Darren Wilson #Ferguson Officer NEARLY BEATEN UNCONSCIOUS By #MikeBrown

Fox News - Breaking News Updates   Latest News Headlines   Photos   News Videos(Fox News) Darren Wilson, the Ferguson, Mo., police officer whose fatal shooting of Michael Brown touched off more than a week of demonstrations, suffered severe facial injuries, including an orbital (eye socket) fracture, and was nearly beaten unconscious by Brown moments before firing his gun, a source close to the department’s top brass told

“The Assistant (Police) Chief took him to the hospital, his face all swollen on one side,” said the insider. “He was beaten very severely.”

According to the well-placed source, Wilson was coming off another case in the neighborhood on Aug. 9 when he ordered Michael Brown and his friend Dorain Johnson to stop walking in the middle of the road because they were obstructing traffic. However, the confrontation quickly escalated into physical violence, the source said..

“They ignored him and the officer started to get out of the car to tell them to move,” the source said. “They shoved him right back in, that’s when Michael Brown leans in and starts beating Officer Wilson in the head and the face…

Keep Reading

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Dorian Johnson #MikeBrown #Ferguson Witness Has Unrelated Outstanding Arrest Warrant

Dorian Johnson(WND) Dorian Johnson, the friend of Michael Brown who claims he witnessed the police shooting death of the 18-year-old in Ferguson, Missouri, has an outstanding arrest warrant for theft, according to authorities.

Barbara Schaffer, court clerk for the Municipal Court of Jefferson City, confirmed to WND there is a warrant for Johnson’s arrest for a 2011 incident. Johnson was arrested June 24, 2011, and a trial was set for July 31, 2013, but he did not appear in court, authorities said.

According to the arrest report, obtained by WND, Dorian J. Johnson, 22, was arrested June 24, 2011, by Jefferson City, Missouri, police after a report of a suspect walking away from an apartment with a package that contained a backpack. Police reported Johnson lied to them about his identity.

In an interview with WND, Johnson’s attorney, former St. Louis Mayor Freeman Bosley Jr., acknowledged his client had been arrested in Jefferson City for theft of a parcel.

Bosley insisted the case was “resolved.”

“He was held in jail in St. Louis for 14 days, waiting on Cole County to come get him, based on the warrant,” Bosley said. “They never came, so the city let him go.”

But Schaffer said there is an order for Johnson’s extradition if he is arrested within a 50-mile radius of Jefferson City. Ferguson, a St. Louis suburb, is more than 100 miles from Jefferson City.

Bosley also acknowledged Johnson was with Brown at a convenience store shortly before the Aug. 9 shooting in Ferguson, where authorities revealed today they suspect Brown of a “strong-arm” robbery of cigars…

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Cartoon Nukes Obama’s Border Crisis

amnesty surprise ramierez style

Everyone has been speculating for weeks about the reason for Big Guy’s planned mid-vacation return trip to Washington. Speculation ran rampant: to declare amnesty via executive order? To make a recess appointment of Reverend Sharpton to a newly expanded Supreme Court? The Reverend “Protest We Much” To announce martial law across the land as police everywhere continue to act stupidly? The reality however, as usual, is far more mundane: He’s simply trading Wee Won One in for Wee Won Two. You know how teenagers are: one week …Keep Reading

Source: Michelle Obama’s Mirror

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Complete List Of Police Fatalities In 2014

I can’t help but wonder, how many of these men were killed by gentle giants?

Montgomery County Sheriff's Office, Tennessee

Deputy Sheriff David “Bubba” Johnson
Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, TN
EOW: Sunday, January 12, 2014
Cause of Death: Automobile accident

Complete list below the fold:

Continue reading

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Impeach Jay Nixon – Governor Of Missouri Says #Ferguson Cop Guilty Unless Proven Innocent

Recall, Impeachment — surely the state of Missouri has some course of action to remove a Governor who has abandoned the rule of law…

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Megyn Kelly: Mo. Governor ‘Knows Damn Well’ That’s Not How the Justice System Works #MikeBrown #Ferguson

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Border Crisis: “The Media is Trying to Brainwash You”

TPNN – Ahead of Obama’s potential announcement of amnesty by executive action, former Congressman Ernest Istook lays out the pertinent facts that every American should know and how the Democrat Media Complex is distorting the news about the border invasion, not reporting it…

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100.7 Viper Radio Station: Mike Brown Witness Dorian Johnson Admits To Lying – Big Mike Went For Officer’s Gun

The Viper 100.7FM   Rockin' the WestplexLike Sundance from The Last Refuge said, “this is difficult to vet.” But to add to the plausibility of it being true, this is what the radio station had to say about their own credibility:

100.7 THE VIPER For the record….WE broke the autopsy results ON SATURDAY NIGHT, RIGHT HERE. Every detail that WE reported, (6 shots, none in the back, marijuana etc) were all confirmed on Monday.
Our info has been right on, and I have no reason to doubt this. Is it a guarantee? No. That would be silly.

100.7 THE VIPER We announced on air, Saturday. Well before any other media Matt. We took crap for that. The info was confirmed Monday.
We made it public first.

100.7 Viper Facebook Posting:

I guess we will see. The Sundance usually has his facts straight. Below is what he posted on The Last Refuge:

UPDATE St. Louis Media REPORT – Dorian Johnson Recants Media Statement ? – Tells Authorities “Big Mike” Did Try For Officers Gun – Grand Jury Charges “Unlikely”… UPDATE – But Special Prosecutor Might Be Assigned Anyway

Bear with us – and proceed with caution – as we deliver some breaking news and source out the information:

update-1A local Saint Louis radio station is reporting that Dorian Johnson has recanted his prior media espousals and now asserts that he and Mike Brown did indeed engage in a physical confrontation with Officer Darren Wilson.  As a consequence the same Radio Station is asserting the local prosecutor essentially advises it’s doubtful charges would be filed.   The Radio Station report is screen capped below…

Read The Rest

*Note* this post has been updated several times as the new content came in

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